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  • Grace Testani wrote on December 07, 2012 report

    Great article, David. It captures what I've always experienced when playing (singing) Jazz with other musicians who are in that same space. We are the vessel thru which that external ecstatic love flows.

  • Mort Weiss wrote on December 07, 2012 report

    Yep,You got it! This is the best article that that I've ever seen-telling it like it really is! I book marked it-a first for me. those feelings mentioned- are peak experiences that happen (sometimes ) in all dicipines.

    David, if you havent already done so-Please, see what Pythagoras thought of and the experments that he did concerning harmonic values and influences- and tracing those findings all the way to and insync & agreement with Hawkings super string theroy and the harmonic values that resonate in all forms of structure (micro to macro) in the universe.

    Well David, you just F**ked up what I was going to allude to in my next article :( but i couldn't have said as well. All the best to you. Mort Weiss

  • David Arivett wrote on December 08, 2012 report

    Thanks for reading my article. So very glad that you enjoyed it! I would appreciate it if you would please share it with other Jazz friends as well. @ Mort I have read some on Pythagoras and his musical experiments and will check them out thoroughly as well as Hawkings string theory. Thanks for suggesting it!

  • J. Scott Fugate wrote on December 14, 2012 report

    Wonderful article David, thank you! This clearly defines why I became the "jazz evangelist", and what it really means! :-)