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  • Jeff Rzepiela wrote on December 01, 2012 report

    I really enjoyed this production. The one thing I thought that missing though is some captioning of the film clips crediting the players on screen. I know what Stan Getz and Zoot Sims look like, but some of the younger guys in the '70s bands appear on screen but are not identified.

  • Dan Bilawsky wrote on December 01, 2012 report


    I completely agree with you. While most Herman fans can pick the stars out in a second, the transitional players and lesser known section men also deserve their due. Nothing's perfect, but I still feel this really summed up the man and his music quite well!

  • Mort Weiss wrote on December 01, 2012 report

    Woody was a gift to the world of jazz. a beautiful cat and the musics biggest fan. Woody died broke and deeply in debt-most of the monies went to keeping the dream alive-The world is a better place having had woody pass through! Mort

  • Dan Bilawsky wrote on December 02, 2012 report


    Amen to that!