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  • Mort Weiss wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    Very few people know that George Zip was related to the Gipper through the marrige of his sisters 3rd cousin miss Ida Ho in Barley So. Dakotah in ---ahhh, I think---ya ah- some where in/on June 12th 1959-the wedding cermony ah-like took place on the lipton tea float during the grasshopper comemaration day- mixed marrages parade.You know things ah like this-makes one reach back in their ah heritage to ah like confront the statistical data on forgone other enterprizing uplefts of ajudication of folks like Zipp & Seemore Gipper aka George-and in doing so will absoulutly give vent to ones innermost Fern.

    Ah, like thanks for sharing-- the clip. ah, man. Goblaskey Zabadora Phd- Ddf -Aka-Mort

  • Michael Ricci wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    I couldn't agree more, Mort. :-)

  • C. Michael Bailey wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    I am grateful, as always to Michael Ricci and John Kelman for the kind attention I have always received as a writer for AAJ, now going on 16 years. This has been most fun.

  • John Kelman wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    Thanks Michael - and you'll still be receiving the same kind attention, we're just trying to reduce my workload so I can get back to more writing, which has been seriously impacted the past couple years.


  • Michael Ricci wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    16 years... man, time flies. Remember the Mead? And then the C&C-inspired moment in my garage? Good wholesome times!

  • Jeff Fitzgerald, Genius wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    I owe a great debt to AAJ, and wish I could be doing more. For reasons I shan't go into, my creative output in recent years has been reduced to absurd Facebook posts and adventurous home cooking.

    But I remain hopeful. I have every intent of returning to my old form, taking up again my quest to rescue jazz from the death grip of zealots, and generally making the world a sillier place in which to live.

    As for the AAJ merchandise store, I expect a cut of the proceeds from the Genius Quote coffee mugs. ;-)

  • Mort Weiss wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    To John Kelman

    John, in all seriousness- I must thank you for all that your doing to maintain and keep our Art form alive & well. To give of ones time and efforts to a cause that benefits mankind is indeed a noble and luadable thing in it's self.

    To me John's position as managing editor ( and the way he assumes it's duties-puts me in mind of a physcian thats on call 24/7 I've emailed john many times concerning questons and proticall pertaining to some thing -oohh lets say a article that I was building at the time---BINGO the cat always got right back to me with a helpful-calm solution-at that moment ,I didn't know the cat was between planes some where on the continent,going (at his expense) to cover a festival or lecture about the music so that not only for his love of the same- but with the pure motive of being there so that he could tell US about it in some forth coming well thought out article.

    True, John and i have had some strenous disagreements about how many Jazz musicians could dance on the head of a pin -and like that-but i would find it very boreing to always be preaching to the same choir all the time. In the very long time that I've been on the scene, I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY THING that was at the beck & call of the Jazz musician for dam near anything-such as ALL ABOUT JAZZ has,is and will be doing for us cats that play.

    To my fellow contributers--for gods sake, let john and Michael hear from you with some atta boys. True ya can't pay the rent with them- but it sure as hell make one feel kinda good knowing that---HEY! somebody cares and That GOSH, maybe I am being heard and doing some good--the hey! so n so- great article- keep up the good work thing is O K but-----ya know.

    And finaly get involved with the site. Michael has presented all of us with many different ways to help AAJ. Get involved I know I have!

    Thanks once more Michael-John and Chris. I remain Mort Weiss

  • Michael Ricci wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    For those who missed the Genius Guide to Jazz the first time around, you're in for a treat. Check out Jeff's archive here...

  • Michael Ricci wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    And in keeping with the spirit of the season, I'd like to thank the steady contributors, especially the long-timers, for taking ownership in and helping continually shape AAJ. I implemented many changes as a result of the last contributor survey.

    If you're a reader and you're curious about the folks who work behind the scenes to produce this wonderful website, visit our staff page here...

  • John Kelman wrote on November 25, 2012 report

    Thanks Mort. If we agreed on everything, life would be dull, is wouldn't it? But the main thing is that folks like yourself and myself are passionate and committees to keeping the music alive and growing, and are orepared to devote ehatever time it takes to do what we can, in some small way.

    This change in responsiblities won't change that for will only shift the what I do, not the when, where, why and how much I do. I just really felt the need to refocus my energies back more heavily on the writing, which is what got me into this glorious trip of the past decade in the first place. I'll still be editing and coordinating interviews, but I hope to be able to return to a more intensive pace for review writing.

    Mort, you probably din't know this, but when I started at All About Jazz back in 2004, before up beginning to get involved in th back end with Michael, I was writing a CD review a day, plus live events, DVD and book reviews and one or two interviews per month. I don't expect to get back to that pace, of course, as I'll still be doing back end work, but I am hoping to find a nice place somewhere in between.

    Best wishes,

    PS: Like Michael' I'd like to thank everyone who makes All About Jazz what it is. I've enjoyed working with y'all, and if this change in responsibilities means that, perhaps, we'll be communicating less on mechanical matters, I do certainly hope we'll stay in touch. I've appreciated everyone's hard work and overall spirit of cooperation and community.

  • Dom Minasi wrote on November 26, 2012 report

    Ok Mike. Thanks.
    John has been my shoulder to lean on since I started, but I will do more to help and lessen hi burden and thanks for the opportunity.


  • John Kelman wrote on November 26, 2012 report

    Thanks Dom, that'd be very much appreciated.