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  • Henning Bolte wrote on November 18, 2012 report

    Loved to read this, Robert Hand Vermeulen. Sounds good, the text!
    Much success! German central parliament (Bundestag) just spent
    1 mill. Euro for next year to support small venues. In The Netherlands
    art is the paria not talked about anymore. Reason enough for you
    guys to go on with all power (and good ideas you have). Play (louder),
    in synch with the water to get forward. And watch out for the word
    "best"! It's a beast!

    P.S.: Randy Weston, this tall king ... he's something. SPIRIT ..., isn't it the yellow Verve-box with Dizzy Gillespie playing on it?

  • Vermeulen wrote on November 18, 2012 report

    Randy Weston is a great piano player, also a fan of Thelonious Monk by the way.
    I remember him being present when Monk is practising at the piano at home.
    (in a DVD about Monk) Monk just plays and plays and never answers any questions that Weston brings up. After a few hours he is leaving, Weston says goodbye, and then Monk suddenly says; 'Sure, come back an time!'

  • Henning Bolte wrote on November 18, 2012 report

    Right, Robert. He grew up in Bedf Stuyvesant in Brooklyn ...
    For more go to Randy's autobiograpy AFRICAN RHYTHMS! Tells a lot about intertwining of life and music in the fifties.