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  • Alypius wrote on November 09, 2012 report

    Michael, Thanks for the review. For me, this new performance is the finest classical release of 2012 that I have heard--and there have been a number of fine releases this year. I got my copy of Schiff's performance within days of its release. As you noted, there are many famous recordings: notably, Glenn Gould, Angela Hewitt, as well Schiff back in the 1980s. (I'm more critical than you seem to be of the Glenn Gould, which I find to be eccentric and un-idiomatic of Baroque practice). This new performance by Schiff is one in which he consciously distances himself from what he called the "sentimentality" of his earlier famous performance and strives for Bach's famed clarity of line and lucidity of counterpoint. I don't agree with Schiff's assessment of his earlier version, which was masterful. But this new one is certainly superior. ECM's website allows to hear the complete opening prelude and fugue in C major: