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  • Richard Thurston wrote on November 01, 2012 report

    Thanks for this.

    Saw the band last week at their initial US concert presented by Earshot Jazz here in Seattle. Fantastic.

    One of the best CDs of the year. Extraordinary.

  • John Kelman wrote on November 02, 2012 report

    Hi Richard,
    You'er welcome.... :) Lucky you to have had the chance to see this wonderful music performed live. If you know John Gilbreath from Earshot, next time you see him give him a big hello from me. Saw him recently in Amsterdam, where he was, amongst other things, MC for the Bimhuis evening showcases at Dutch Jazz & World Meeting - and he was FANtastic!


  • Guy Newland wrote on November 10, 2012 report

    This review articulates what I love about this album. Thanks.

  • John Kelman wrote on November 11, 2012 report

    Thanks for the kind words, Guy; it really helps to know that how I am presenting this record resonates with others...
    Best wishes!