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  • Mort Weiss wrote on November 24, 2012 report

    Very cool article-all the right things covered and said by all of the right people re. the music and what it takes to play & share it (benny Greenes practice ethos) Oh yeah! I didn't know some of the names-but theres many that kind of snuck in while i was away from the scene those 40 years.

    When I was starting to get back up on the horse-I was playing some small concert venues in and around Los Angeles and at one of the dates Charlie Shomake (vibes) got the Rhythm section for me- Jeff Hamilton and Monti Budwig I'll never for get the feeling of pure joy When I counted off-Speak Low at a very fast tempo and it all kicked in---Oh Yeah!!

    Randy Napoleon- sounds like my kind of musician Must listen to him-very refreashing additude for a young person in this day of------- you fill in the blanks. Mort weiss