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  • Earl Grey wrote on December 27, 2012 report

    Grant Geissman is amazing.

    He's one of the greatest guitarists on this Big Bouncy Planet, and perhaps the only thing that can divert our attention from looming fiscal cliffs and perpetual re-runs of Two and 1/2 Men ;)

    What the World Needs Now is one big BOP! BANG! BOOM!

    Thankfully,, Geissman has delivered All of the aforementioned, and more... Much more.

    A Fantastic CD by a True Guitar Hero. Hot Dmn but Geissman is one of the tastiest guitarists out there. I love the Hell out of All of Grant's work, but
    BOP! BANG! BOOM! May be his finest recorded work yet, and That is a gobdropping thought.

    I encourage you to procure a copy, put away all distractions, chase the clouds away, and spin this baby... Observe as your features take to the upward-tilt: Smiles replace the frowns of consternation/worry lines become chevrons of joy!

    That's the effect BOP! BANG! BOOM! Has on Me anyway.

    I Love the Hell out of This CD.
    Could you tell?

    Earl Grey/ 12/27/12