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  • Michael Ricci wrote on October 16, 2012 report

    Thanks for posting this, Mort! I just came up for air after helping solve the malware/hacking/server mystery. What a rollicking fun filled ten days. :-|

    Anyway, I agree with all your points. ;-)

    With Jazz Near You, we are helping musicians, presenters and promoters help themselves. JNY also happens to be exactly what fans want (a single source for all jazz information near them). We present this information at two websites and in a weekly email blast. We'll add the app soon.

    It's strictly a matter of exposing folks to JNY and getting them to use it. We provide two simple methods to enter event information and two methods to export event information.

    There is nothing like Jazz Near You and it should be embraced by the entire (global) jazz community because it works.

    I made several JNY demonstrations at Dutch Jazz & World Meeting a couple weeks back and I hope to conduct more demonstrations in the states and abroad. I'll schedule some web conferences too.

    We'll make the official launch announcement next week. Probably Monday.

    Until then... maintain!

  • Sammy Stein wrote on October 17, 2012 report

    Hey Mort,

    Thought I'd read one of yours and well done, you said what was needed.


  • Mort Weiss wrote on October 17, 2012 report

    Thanks Sammy, re, JNY--the concept is beautiful, I'm just hoping that the entire industry realizes it and will embrace it as the tool and gift that it is. I had the pleasure of meeting with Michael Ricci in So. California last August when he came out to observe the making of my new recording "I'll be seeing you" and was very impressed with what I perceived (in Michael) as a very nice, intelligent, highly dedicated young man on a mission to help and preserve the music that I and so many others have devoted their lives to in this discipline. All that's good to you and yours Sammy.


  • Michael Ricci wrote on October 17, 2012 report

    Mort, it was fun and I enjoyed hanging out with your friends. They are all pros.

    re: Jazz Near You, I think it's just a matter of time before it catches on. It's a simple, but powerful tool. Still, I won't play the modest card... it took someone with an understanding of the jazz industry and the technical chops to pull it off.

    It's just a matter of spreading the word because everyone needs JNY.