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  • Patricia de Oliveira Alves wrote on October 09, 2012 report

    She is an Uber Diva !!! Super sweet... Luv

  • Chris M. Slawecki wrote on October 17, 2012 report

    thank you for reading, patricia. she has become one of my favorite current vocalists, and one of my favorite vocalists of all time too. every album i hear from her always seems to contain one stunning moment that transfixes you upon her amazing gift of a voice. thank you for reading and sharing in the music, patricia

  • Patricia de Oliveira Alves wrote on October 19, 2012 report

    Thank you Chris for this sensational interview with all those rich informations of Ithamara Koorax concerts and career and I agree with you she become more than special to me and I think to anyone who has the opportunity to watch her on stage the perfection of her performance is just beyond all of us! Her feeling and voice is Top of the Galaxies Luv Live I.K.