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  • Michael Engebrecht wrote on October 30, 2012 report

    This is purely "magico". I listened to it some nights ago, very late in the night, and I could afford to play it loud, on a great sound system. 31 years old, and it sounds fantastic! How do you call it: "world chamber jazz"? Doesn't matter. This music is so relaxed and intense at the same time, my goodness! How can one bury such a treasure for such a long time! Well, John, old companero of Kristiansand, my enthusiasm for this live document might even surpass your surprisingly cool praise:)

  • John Kelman wrote on October 30, 2012 report

    I wouldn't say my praise is cool...I love the disc....I just don't get particularly effusive, rat her, I describe the music and let readers make up their own minds.

    But you are absolutely correct; this is magical stuff, and I can only hope there's more archival material that might see the light of day from ECM. Am in Heidelberg now, and will be at Manfred's evening as part of Enjoy Jazz on November 3, so we'll see then,perhaps.

    In the meantime, glad we agree on this one.... :)


  • Henning Bolte wrote on October 30, 2012 report

    I'd say: Jan is the magic piper here ... (although it's out of past)

  • John Kelman wrote on October 30, 2012 report

    Hey Henning!
    Yes, Garbarek's playing here truly stands out....but I really do think this was an inspired combination, across the board....


  • Jeff Rzepiela wrote on October 31, 2012 report

    I've got my copy pre-ordered with Amazon. Can't wait for it to arrive!

  • John Kelman wrote on November 01, 2012 report

    Good deal Jeff! And great to hear from you! Hope all is well with you, your wife and the baby (who isn't quite so much a baby anymore!)...

  • Michael Engebrecht wrote on November 05, 2012 report

    This is such a great year for ECM: CARTA DE AMOR, Tim Berne's SNAKEOIL, the "sleeping" Jarrett album, John Surman' best solo album ever, SALTASH BELLS, Eivind Aarset's forthcoming album DREAM LOGIC (a silent "killer"; tonight, in my German radio show, I played two pieces of DREAM LOGIC, framing Brian Eno's new ambient work LUX - these two records replace a good trance session at your hypnotherapist, deep, deep music...) the list could go on for a while even leaving out ECM's NEW SERIES. There is one really boring ECM album, easy listening without any profoundness, and that is,
    well, Manu Katche's work, a hugely overrated composer, and here the cliche of "coffee shop jazz" becomes reality. on the other hand, who wants to drink his caffe latte while hearing Coltrane's MEDITATIONS!?:)

  • John Kelman wrote on November 05, 2012 report

    Well, I agree with you Michael..almost.; I like the Katché. Doesn't break and new ground or shatter any rules, but solid grooves and strong playing.....saw ythe group last night (with another trumpeter replacing NPM) and it was actually smokin' hot. I think Manu is like Robert Fripp always said about King Crimson: the studio records are love letters, the live ones a hot date :)

    Cheers from Heidelberg, my friend! - and I'm wearing my Pat Metheny Trio shirt today, by the way :)


  • Michael Engebrecht wrote on November 05, 2012 report

    I saw Manu Katche in Dortmund some days ago, and, well, our idea of "smokin' hot" may differ a bit. You might ask: why did you go there? The answer is: I thought, mhm , he might be smokin' hot live. If that music was smokin' hot, then I am a burning potato:)