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  • Mort Weiss wrote on September 22, 2012 report

    Yeah, Super Sax one of the greatest musical happings since the beginng! Bach would have loved it as he would have BIRD! The lines are the same-just tweak the rhymic-and phrasing patterns a tad and you have BACH-BIRD-BOP and those of us that play it-"It never got better- it got different."

    I've been privelged to know and play with many of the cats that played with Med. I remeber Med back in the early 60s when he would show up at L A Local#47 musicians union just off of some movie or t v set in full cow boy regailia- leading man good looks--that could play his ass off-- some of the cats that i knew real well are no longer with us Monti budwig -Jack Nimitiz-Conti-Jay Migilori ---that had to be lou Levey on the piano. (it wasn't Lou)
    Ralph penland is very active today as is Lanny Morgan.

    I'll never forget the day of the funeral of my dearest freind --and to all of the musicans (that played the music) Little Mac- Evert McLaughlin at the Hollywood forever cemetary The chappal was filled- and off to the left side sat Med Flory-and all the cats in Super Sax (2003) and at the right time and the right moment-they played one choures of ---MY BUDDY ah yea. Mort Weiss

  • Mort Weiss wrote on September 22, 2012 report

    Regarding my other post about Little Macs Funeral---Med got the guys together once more for this tribute As Little Mac was the best woodwind repair man in the world and EVERYONE took their horns to him for needed work - which was done in the garage in the back of his house on 707 N Cole (next to desilu studios in Holly Wood at any time you might walk in and there would be Getz-Trane -Buddy Coulette waiting their turn to have Macs Magic fingers make it all O K. Some day I must do a article here at AAJ called Little Macs Garage. Mort