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  • Dom Minasi wrote on August 26, 2012 report

    This is a great record.

  • Mort Weiss wrote on December 23, 2012 report

    One of the high points of my return to the scene 2001 were the meetings with-the hanging with-the two recordings that joey and I did together-re Joey---NOBODY DOES IT BETTER!!

    Annnnnd-he's a very nice cat to. On the linner notes of one of my albums- I thanked him and his dad (papa John) for all of their encourgement for me to keep on playing. Mort Weiss

  • Dan Bilawsky wrote on December 23, 2012 report

    Dom-I concur!

    Mort-It's nice to hear that. I've seen Joey live on multiple occasions, but I've never had the chance to meet him. He certainly seems to give off a positive vibe through his playing, so it's not surprising that he's such a great person.