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  • Chuck Koton wrote on August 29, 2012 report

    Just heard Azar Lawrence will be back in LA for a show at the Mint on Sept 8....yeah, lookin forward to another monster night of Coltrane tribute by the A Train!

  • Edward Young wrote on August 31, 2012 report

    sounds like a great show and i am sorry i missed it - definitely much better than seeing Mr. "A" at Dizzy's, which is over-priced and would not let you stay for four hours (nothing against todd barkham, doing the best he can, booking bobby watson, etc.) but NYC is just too expensive for jazz, and long beach has had a history of great venues (birdland west, etc.).

    four hours is just about the right length of time to absorb the energy, ideas and artistry of these high-value players, and it would be fantastic if azar's return to the scene signaled a renaissance of the 60s and 70s extended sets of deep thinkers exploring ideas at length. that might be too much to ask for, with today's audience's limited attention span. hell, these cats need an hour just to get primed for lift-off (and a thoroughly enjoyable hour that first one is, at that).

    once again chuck koton nails it, and his evangelizing for the purest and gonest in modern sounds is yeoman's work. well may it be heeded. now it is up to the next generation to pay THEIR dues and pick up the torch while it is still lit. there is plenty of time to learn from these masters of the great continuum of jazz, but, to paraphrase art blakely, if the kids of today rest on their chops and technique, or delve into smooth-jazz schlock, "it will be lost."

    just hope that i am not around to witness that hideous prospect. until then, may azar, chuck and the rest keep up their great work for america's supreme gift to the world. and on a personal note, congratulations on your recent engagement azar, may you and your bride-to-be experience all the happiness you have given your many fans over the years!