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  • Foster Freed wrote on August 04, 2012 report

    Enjoyed your review of "Welcome", but cannot agree with your characterization of "Lotus" as a failed endeavor. Despite "owning" a number of Santana albums, when I want my Santana "fix" it is to Lotus that I inevitably turn...and have no reason to expect that this will ever change. With the brief exception of the somewhat overlong drum solo near the start of CD disc two, it is--for my money--a non-stop barrage of Carlos Santana and friends (including the much maligned Leon Thomas) at their very very best.

  • Jay Winton wrote on August 06, 2012 report

    Interesting article and Welcome remains one of my favorite Santana dates but you're totally off base re Borboletta as it's a beautiful, challenging recording that still sounds fresh after all these years. Fortunately, the cd release is well mastered but this is for a candidate for Steve Hoffman and Audio Fidelity remastering, IMO.

  • Noddy Zekrya wrote on August 16, 2012 report

    A thoroughly good review and with one I agree. "Welcome" remains the freshest and mysteriously deepest Santana recording ever. I also like moments from the "illuminations" album 1974 - his collaboration with Alice Coltrane. I also enjoy Barboletta, III, Amigos and Festival for nostalgic reasons!