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  • Ian Patterson wrote on July 27, 2012 report

    Congratulations John on pulling this off, and to Michael Ricci, of course. All About Jazz Presents...represents a significant step in the evolution of AAJ, and illustrates graphically how the site is able to contribute positively--not just to the promotion of musicians/the industry--but to musical creativity. I still feel like I'm only scratching the surface of Norwegian music, but thanks to John's "extraordinary engagement" (well put Henning) I've heard so much great music from Norway in the last half dozen years that might well have passed me by. Thanks John, and keep up the great work.

  • John Kelman wrote on July 28, 2012 report

    Thanks, Ian; it was a thrill to get asked, and an even greater one to see how the shows turned out - great attendance, tremendous performances, and great feedback. I'm a lucky guy, for many reasons, but this is certainly one of the big ones!


  • Erik Skantze wrote on November 23, 2012 report

    hey, how can I get in contact with you journalists working here? Want to send you some new great Norwegian jazz.


  • John Kelman wrote on November 23, 2012 report

    Erik, click on an author's name to get directed to their profile, where there's a link to email them.