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  • Seth Shapiro wrote on July 12, 2012 report


    You the best teacher, I ever had, hands down. I still have notes you scrawled for me all those years ago. You're the best.

    Seth Shapiro

  • Dom Minasi wrote on July 12, 2012 report

    Thanks Seth.

  • Ellen Johnson wrote on July 13, 2012 report

    This is so true Dom. The greatest teachers I have had loved what they did and had the patience and knowledge to teach me. I have the same approach and I think it's also very important to understand "how" people learn and not put everyone in the same box. That's why teaching a class takes experience and skill since you have so many different levels and learning styles all together. But inspiration is truly the key, whether is is from your own example or others. Today there are so many musicians going into teaching just to make money but their heart is not into teaching. Hopefully they will recognize and attempt to learn how to teach and find the joy and fulfillment that it brings along with playing their instrument. Thanks for a well written and well needed article.

  • Dom Minasi wrote on July 13, 2012 report

    Thanks Ellen. Hopefully some will heed our words.