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  • John Ulreich wrote on June 23, 2012 report

    Mesmerizing music, Sonny is going in a new direction and the new CD is incredible. The varying styles make this collection well worth listening to. It is not just a technical project but one in which the artist is stretching and growing and takes this listener to a place that I did not know existed within Sonny. A welcome surprise!

  • C. Michael Bailey wrote on June 23, 2012 report

    John: It is great to finally meet someone who gets Sonny Landreth. His talent is one so far beyond his peers as to make him one-of-a-kind. And this is because he has developed a new "Technique." Speaking out of both sides of my mouth (I am a Libra, feeling strongly both ways), I hope he continues as he is and does not make a mockery of himself in the end. He still has an organic masterpiece coming...thanks for the note.