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  • Tom Kershaw wrote on September 02, 2012 report


    I would have left early as well if I hadn't been in the middle of a row. While Dammers should be congratulated for his ambition, some of the arrangements were decidedly ropey, perhaps alluded to in your comments; additionally I found the whole concert was conducted with sound levels set far too high, perhaps in part due to extremely over-amplified electric bass and drum set. That rather monotonous and all pervasive bass distracted from Zoe Rahman and others more delicate solo work, but I agree that Rodriguez contributed some of the most well conceived moments of the concert.

    Tom Kershaw

  • Bruce Lindsay wrote on September 03, 2012 report

    Hi Tom

    Thanks for the comment. I've spoken to a few audience members since the concert and it does seem to have divided opinion somewhat - on reflection, I think it really should have been shorter. I must admit that from where I was sitting I didn't have such a problem with volume or mix - although I agree that Zoe Rahman's playing wasn't always as easy to hear as I would have wished. Rico Rodriguez was a joy, though, as you say.