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  • Marta Ramon wrote on June 07, 2012 report

    Totally agree. Jazz Grammies look more like a granting than like an award. And yes, they are privative because of the point that not every good musician--without the support of a big label--can be on the lists.

  • Howard Mandel wrote on June 07, 2012 report

    Dom, interesting article. But consider that today, unlike when Dr. Taylor was on tv, the internet is the medium through which to attract new eyes and ears. The UNESCO concert from the UN (also from Paris and from New Orleans) was live-streamed video, not on tv but people worldwide could access it. (There was also a 10-camera shoot of the UN show, and I bet we'll be seeing that on PBS at some point). The Jazz Journalists Association Jazz Awards were live-streamed in 2010 and 2011 and remain archived on Vimeo -- we can't afford to do that this year, but the NYC jazz Awards party at the Blue Note on June 20 (public invited, see for tix) will be video-recorded and at least excerpts of the proceedings will be put onlne. The JJA also in 2011 ran our eyeJAZZ video training project, encouraging and educating 50 jazz-oriented journalists to use readily available equipment to document and disseminate jazz in their locales, putting resultant clips on Youtube (where most people go for their jazz today, research says), promoting them on Facebook and/or Twitter. Don't expect NARAS to open up to less-commercial music; make your own media, and get it up where people will see it.

  • Danny Barrett wrote on June 07, 2012 report

    Dear Dom, our music is no longer a part of this Hollywood scene....Has not one thing to do with excellence...I agree in every way....Time to make a move! If we going to present our music, let it be in New York City...still the city of music... There are many great places to present this... But, let it present the best of our music in all categories... Start small, build to get it off the ground....I will certainly try to help in doing this... Until then, Dom, straight ahead, Kindly, Danny Barrett

  • James Armstrong wrote on June 08, 2012 report

    Right on, Dom -- especially at these points:

    "...With the emergence in jazz of self-produced records or independent labels, many of these labels do not have the funds to join, much less send in thirteen required copies of a record for each field. If you want to submit one record in four fields, that's fifty-two records that have to be shipped to Hollywood. Big labels like Blue Note can not only afford to do this, but they have the big bucks to promote themselves. The small labels can't. This means many jazz artists are never submitted and it is a shame because there is some great music and musicians out there that the general voting population will never hear..."

  • Dom Minasi wrote on June 10, 2012 report

    I appreciate all the comments made. Thanks


  • Roseanna Vitro wrote on June 19, 2012 report

    Dom, Thank you for this informative article. I really appreciated learning that Jazz is about 7% of the total Grammy voters. This really gives a proper perspective and I agree with you that if our community was interested to be represented, we would join. As we all know money is super tight right now and there is a yearly charge to be a member of NARAS, so that is a factor too. I also agree with Howard Mandel that our own entrepreneureal efforts can make the difference. Taking the initiative and putting out videos and writing blogs, etc. are the wave of our future and the future is now. Ro

  • Dom Minasi wrote on June 22, 2012 report

    Thanks Roseann for your input. If enough of us make an effort we will succeed.