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  • Michael Ricci wrote on May 21, 2012 report

    In case you missed it, check out Bob Kenselaar's coverage of Ron Carter's 75th birthday celebration at Alice Tully Hall (NYC). See "Ron Carter at 75: A Life in Music" at

  • Joe Giardullo wrote on May 22, 2012 report

    Fabulous interview! Play on, Ron Carter!

  • Felix Louis Scott Jr wrote on May 26, 2012 report

    Ron's masterclass was very educational. I see and hear that he makes music as it is occurring in the moment. He has a very good musical ear and very good control of the small muscles in his hands. His concept of time is perfect. It was worth taking time to listen to. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mort Weiss wrote on July 14, 2012 report

    Ron Carter is one of the best. When I started playing again 2001 iI lived with the Jamey Abersold play a long book and LP "BIRD" the group was RON, BEN RILEY& Kenny Baron> OhYeah!!! A few years Later i Played Catalinas In Hollywood. Ron was following us in the next night, and in the green room there stood his hard shell bass case with his name on it, shit, that gave me a thrill.There are such people. Mort