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  • Bill Jenkins wrote on April 20, 2012 report

    Eric Satie, maybe? Also try listening to both of the above at the same time.

  • John Fenton wrote on April 21, 2012 report

    John Zorn continuously surprises - always in a good way. Improvised music should stretch and surprise - nice

  • Mort Weiss wrote on May 30, 2012 report

    JOHN, do your thing-but remember, it don't mean a thing if it--------just don't call what you do JAZZ -dude, thats an insult to all of us real musicians! You've got your following-so did JIM JONES -theres all ways enough mishganas and uninformed to jump on any dreck that shows up-ABEGAZANT my man enjoy the GELT complex. SHALOM. I remain MORT WEISS SMS JAZZ