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  • John Fenton wrote on April 21, 2012 report

    Kenny Wheeler is one of the most profound musicians around and he has long been part of the soundtrack that informs my Jazz life. I probably heard 'Gnu High' first and since then I have collected everything he releases from his work with Pieranunzi 'About Time', through to the scandalously hard to find 'Music for large and Small Ensembles'. I have been waiting for his album especially, as his writing for larger ensembles is superb. Kenny is part of my life even though I could not live further away from the UK or Canada (New Zealand). As skilled as his writing is it is another quality that moves me most and that is the human vulnerability that is hinted at in his works and his playing. Miles had this and so does Kenny - lead a long and continually productive life my friend, we love you on the Jazz scene down under.