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  • Steven Charles wrote on March 22, 2012 report

    Great article, Dom. I think you've hit on all the various aspects of "artistry", especially "having your own voice". That is definitely what is quite lacking in so much of the playing of younger, more "educated" musicians. They have studied the technical so much, they have taken no time to put themselves in their playing. Therefore, while 30 years ago I could take "blindfold tests" of saxophone players, and nail pretty much every one, today, forget about it. I can't tell one from another, both in their sound, and their playing.

    For Jazz (or Rock/R&B/etc) to continue growing, staying fresh & vibrant, there needs to be much more individuality, more emphasis on melody, & improvisation that says something, tells a story... Who wants to hear endlessly repeating riffs & motifs, with little to no improvisation, or soloing that merely regurgitates the scales, patterns & speedy flurries of notes they've practiced for so many hours....?

  • Dom Minasi wrote on March 22, 2012 report

    Thanks Steven. Your thoughts are well appreciated.

  • Thom Gambino wrote on March 22, 2012 report

    Hey Dom,
    Nice article.
    Thanks to rock, rap and country labels, managers and producers, the word "artist" has been cheapened and misapplied to those who don't deserve the title.
    They have taken a term that is traditionally hard to define and literally muddied the waters, and I do mean "muddied."
    A pox on their houses!

  • Ellen Burr wrote on March 22, 2012 report

    It's always a concern of mine--to learn/hear new patterns, melodies, textures while accepting and developing one's own personal style. A question I wish all artists would ask: is it my style & voice or a habit & default.

  • Dom Minasi wrote on March 22, 2012 report

    Hey Thom,

    I think there's enough pox to go around. You're right. The word artistry is now too ambiguous. It is used too many times to describe bunch of non-talented egos.

  • Dom Minasi wrote on March 22, 2012 report

    Hi Ellen,

    I think the key word in your statement is 'patterns'. The point is to get away from pattern playing whether it is coming from another source or within you. Creativity is an evolving state. It doesn't stagnate. Patterns keep one in vacuum of repetition.