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  • Michael Ricci wrote on March 20, 2012 report

    Nicely done, Dave! I feel the same way about 30 or 60 second samples... I want to hear the whole enchilada before I consider purchasing a tune or an album.

    re: All About Jazz's Download of the Day service, it's always been popular with some tracks topping 1,000 downloads in a single day. We also encourage track sales by placing a "Purchase" link next to the "Download" link on the page where the track is downloaded. Example...

    In addition to the Download of the Day page, the tracks are available on the home page and every page associated with a musician (musician profile, concert detail, news, article, and so on). Many external sites and blogs use our Download of the Day widget and the MP3 is also featured at

    For musicians interested in other free promotional opportunities at All About Jazz, go to .

  • Michael Ricci wrote on March 20, 2012 report

    Musicians and labels can learn more about our On Demand player service here: