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  • Navdeep Jhaj wrote on March 09, 2012 report

    So, you're saying that Frisell is recording more like a rock musician than a jazz musician? Welcome, Overdub City, enter the Brave New Levin Torn White World. :)

    "soundtrack to an imaginary film" is definitely an apt way to describe a lot of his music. He makes rubato seem timeless. In a good way, of course.

  • John Kelman wrote on March 09, 2012 report

    Except, Nav, that Frisell did it first on the first Floratone record in 2007 :)

    I know that overdubs is not new. But crediting two producers as active members of the band is not the norm. And in this case it's true, but in other cases Frisell remains tied to the in-the-moment world of improv :)

    Thanks, as always, for weighing in!

  • Chris Ammann wrote on March 14, 2012 report

    Nice review, John. What an enjoyable album and so pleasantly resisting genre pigeonholing. I love the cinematic feel though I'd love to have seen the eastern themes developed further - 'Not Over Ever' willfully defied its title and was over far too early. Think I'll dig out some Shakti later!