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  • Jon Arnold wrote on April 19, 2012 report

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Disagree pretty strongly about the relative merits of these recordings. Crisis was pretty good and At 12 ok - but really, Denardo's been screwing up Ornette records for almost half a century now. From youthful bashing to later disastrous use of electronic drums and processing (which just killed Prime Time) to a chronic and lifelong lack of this point a)Denardo should be a better drummer, and: b) Ornette should be able to play the damn trumpet. But the main discrepancy is Friend & Neighbors - it's one of Ornette's masterpieces. So fresh and joyful. Even the trumpet sounds great next to Dewey's bluesy honking. And the 2 title tunes are fun, again with great Dewey.