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  • C. Michael Bailey wrote on February 23, 2012 report

    Michael Ricci:

    I am just happy to be here and be a part of such a great family of writers and musicians. I have precious little to offer the website compared to what the website provides me, which is satisfaction. Thank you.

  • Michael Ricci wrote on February 23, 2012 report

    You're welcome my man! And *thank you* for all that you've done over the past 15 years. FYI, your "Best Live Rock Recordings (1969-79)" articles have collectively topped 330,000 page views since September 2004. I wonder how many hits they generated as static HTML pages from July 2000 to September 2004? I think it's safe to say you would have cleared a half mill by now.

  • Bob McHugh wrote on February 23, 2012 report

    AAJ started out great and just keeps on getting better

  • Michael Ricci wrote on February 23, 2012 report

    Thanks, Bob. I've produced All About Jazz since 1995 and with the exception of the MY AAJ year, 2011 was our best in terms of quality content and technical achievements. That all said, I'm feeling even better about 2012 with the addition of and the Jazz Near You app. Both coming soon.

  • Felix Louis Scott Jr wrote on February 27, 2012 report

    Thanks Michael, I understand what you have here and what you are trying to do. I had a hard time registering and logging on before I realized that I had signed in years ago using several old email addresses. I am with you now. Thanks

  • Michael Ricci wrote on February 28, 2012 report

    Hi Felix, Like any website that requires registration, it's best to stick with one account. Just update your profile when your email address changes. And reset your password if you forget it.

  • Nina Causey wrote on February 29, 2012 report

    I found out about this site through a jazz enthusiast and good friend, Christopher Fletcher. I'm excited to be a part of this network. It gives jazz artists a chance to be seen, heard, managed and promoted. This is what I'm searching for. It's difficult to really get your name out there & get good exposure. My style is smooth/nu jazz. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity. Thank you for everything you are doing to promote jazz!

  • Michael Ricci wrote on March 01, 2012 report

    Hi Nina, I've found that most musicians (regardless of stature) who take advantage of the features listed on this page: -- typically generate ~5,000 page views within a month. But you'll need to feature an MP3, submit a Take Five article, update your musician profile, submit a video, and submit a news announcement/press release.

  • Lezlie Harrison wrote on March 05, 2012 report

    Hi Michael, I am delighted to be a part of the AAJ family. As I continue to discover ways to promote myself to a wider audience, I thank you and AAJ's role in making that possible!

  • Michael Ricci wrote on March 06, 2012 report

    You're very welcome, Lezlie. There's much more to come including the new site, Jazz Near You. We're building one technology to support two websites (All About Jazz and Jazz Near You) and an iPhone app--it's coming together nicely.

  • jazmataz wrote on March 25, 2012 report

    Nice img., Mike.

  • Christopher Trent wrote on May 24, 2012 report

    I love The mp3 downloads let me sample, listen, learn and develop the desire to purchase full resolution copies of the music from the artists. Kekko Fornarelli was my latest discovery. This is the model for the future. Nice Job. And, now I get updates on local jazz events too, awsome. Everybody should donate if they can. I did.

  • Christopher Trent wrote on May 24, 2012 report

    AAJ should start an online HiRes jazz audio store (24bit etc.) I do not want and will not buy, low res files from “other sites not to be mentioned by name”. Maybe, AAJ members could micro-invest to help get the store started. If it flies, maybe we see some return, if not; we only risked a small amount for a good cause. I've never invested in anything but I am inspired by this opportunity, so I threw it out there.

  • Michael Ricci wrote on June 04, 2012 report

    Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for posting! A hi-res audio store is a possibility and something I will definitely consider after we revamp the AAJ platform and launch Jazz Near You (the website and app) in September.

    I'll also look to AAJ members to help seed some upcoming projects a la a Kickstarter campaign. We can develop much faster and make a far greater impact with community support.

  • Mort Weiss wrote on July 13, 2012 report

    Hi Michael, Ahh man - like Ahh could you loan me like $30,000 to like mmm get my jazz career started. Like I'd really be stoked if umm like you could man.

    be a gas man. Mort

  • Michael Ricci wrote on July 20, 2012 report

    If I can raise $102,000, I'll loan you $30,000.

  • Mort Weiss wrote on August 26, 2012 report

    Michael, - you're doing more for the music than 90% of all that propose that they are doing same! What little that I have to say re,same-gives me hope that all who have paid so many dues to propitiate the music will not have gone in vain. AAJ is truly the musicians friend. Nothing but best wishes in your future plans that i want to be some small part of in lending some of my thoughts and experiences. Best, Mort weiss

  • arnie wrote on September 16, 2012 report

    lotta grazie for your break a legacy efforts. from the bay area, i am in the process of creating free improv concerts, worldwide in time--certainly here, celebrating the peace symbol's birthday, february 21--as i have done culturally otherwise since its golden jubilee in 1958. i have many good personal connections. pour favor, send me a proper e-mail and i shall furthur elucidate.
    ornette is our safety net,
    arnie passman
    (510) 845-5481