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  • Navdeep Jhaj wrote on February 12, 2012 report

    Interesting. In my mind's eye, I'm conceiving aa new sub-genre of jazz, called "jazz electronica". This seems to fit very nicely in that fold.

    It's funny when you mentioned the word "hang". New instrument heard from, as far as I'm concerned. But jazz musicians tend to use the word "hang" colloquially", as in "check out the hang", with the word almost synonymous with the word "event" or "happening".

  • Richard Rogers wrote on February 12, 2012 report

    Jazztronica works for me!

    To be honest as a big fan of the previous two albums this one has left me a little cold. There are some excellent moments, but the album does not come together to make a great whole. Live however I suspect the boys will still produce the goods with aplomb.

  • John Kelman wrote on February 12, 2012 report

    Hey Nav,
    Yeah, I'm all too familiar with the concept of "the hang," since I do my fair share....but playing the hang? 'Nuther story!

    As for another subgenre? Well, I tend to want to avoid that myself, because things are already too granular - as you know from PE and the myriad of prog breakdowns.... :)

    But I'm really liking this new Portico...sorry, Richard, that you're not liking this one as much, but do let me know if you get to see this incarnation live...would love to know how it works, as I sure loved the last one in Montreal in 2010.

    Thanks to both of you for taking the time to weigh in.

  • Chris Ammann wrote on February 17, 2012 report

    John, your excellent reviews (also just read 'The Well') always either want me to get the album or listen to what I have with new ears. I rather like the new Portico sound and something was niggling me about where I'd heard the textures in "Window Seat" before. Try the ethereal instrumental section about 8:30 into Yes's 'Close to the Edge', just before 'I Get Up I Get Down' (I seem to recall you have or have had more than a passing interest in prog rock). Of course, musical cross-references are often in the ear of the beholder!

    I recently saw a hang player busking in Bath here in the UK and had a chat to him about the instrument. It is other-worldly in both appearance and sound. He even let me try it! However, they are pricey, not easy to come by and I gather they can go out of tune if played hard and retuning is a highly-specialised skill. I think I'll stick to the didgeridoo ...

    Regards, Chris

  • John Kelman wrote on February 17, 2012 report

    Hey Chris,
    Thanks for taking the time to write...and for such kind words about the work. I'll have to go back and listen for that Yes reference in Portico...didn't hear it first time, but now that you mention it, you've got my interest piqued :)

    Re: Hang, yeah, it became quite a busking instrument, as I understand it, and in the UK in particular. I met with Portico when I caught their Montreal show, and Nick Mulvey and I talked about the instrument at length... but I didn't have the nerve to ask him if I could touch it :)

    Thanks again!