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  • Robert Middleton wrote on February 05, 2012 report

    And where, pray tell can one find a copy of this stellar album?

  • Raul d'Gama Rose wrote on February 05, 2012 report


  • Vermeulen wrote on February 07, 2012 report

    Hi everybody!
    We are working on iTunes, CD-Baby, Amazon, Rhapsody and the others.
    Our music will be available from end of February 2012 on those portals.
    If you go to Morvin Records at you can order our cd's as well.
    best wishes,
    Talking Cows

  • Vermeulen wrote on March 30, 2012 report

    Hi again! This cd is available at iTunes and Amazon from now.
    best wishes from Talking Cows, Robert Vermeulen