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  • Joe Giardullo wrote on February 06, 2012 report

    Thanks for the great article on Kenny Burrell.

    I was fortunate (blessed) to catch 3 different guitar trio gigs in a span of maybe 4 weeks about 10 years ago. Three different guitarists, the same bassist (Dave Holland) and the same drummer (Jack DeJohnette).

    The guitarists were Pat Metheny, John Abercrombie and Kenny Burrell.

    I'll skip the comparisons but will say that Kenny Burrell's gig was ridiculously joyous, not only to my ears but to the apparent delight of the rhythm section.

    With each tune, all called by Burrell, the musical waters got deeper and the music got richer, and the smiles on the faces of Jack and Dave grew bigger and bigger.

    I came away from that beautiful night thinking that Kenny Burrell never started a musical phrase that he didn't bring home to completion.

    I'll never forget their take on Billy Strayhorn's "Bloodcount".

  • Chris M. Slawecki wrote on February 07, 2012 report

    Thank you very much for your kind words, Joe. That was quite some week!

  • Chris M. Slawecki wrote on February 07, 2012 report

    I meant, that was quite some four week stretch - sorry, still nursing my NYGiants SuperBowl hangover......