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  • Robert Bush wrote on January 18, 2012 report

    Masterful interview, Ian. One of the best I've ever read, and I've been reading them for 30 years.Terrific stuff!

  • Ian Patterson wrote on January 18, 2012 report

    Hi Robert, you're really too kind, but thank you for the endorsement. Enrico Rava is a natural raconteur. If anybody can recommend a publisher who might genuinely be interested in putting out an English version of his latest book "Meetings with Extraordinary Musicians" please drop me a line. As he says in the interview, he rates it as the best thing he's ever produced, better even than all his music. It would great to see the book in English.

  • david blanks wrote on February 18, 2012 report

    Thanks for not being afraid to step outside the box and play what you see a important music.