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  • Lorna wrote on December 27, 2011 report

    The Caverns features an outstanding open mic every week called Wednesday Verses: the open mic. The event begins every wednesday at 8pm with a feature and live band. This event has gone on for 10 years in Richmond, VA and for 3 years in Washington DC at the Caverns. This event surely adds to the importance of the Caverns and continues to celebrate live music at this location! For more information on this group you should visit! Bravo to the Caverns for supporting outstanding events and music.

  • Matt Ingeneri wrote on December 27, 2011 report

    Played there regularly back in 2002. It was always an honor to have that connection, however slight, to so much of the music's history. The "new" owner has really stepped things up, and I agree with that this is once again the best jazz club in DC.

  • Reggie wrote on December 27, 2011 report

    My band first played the Caverns in 2002. Afshar was good enough to give us a shot the following year at hosting a weekly showcase that gave quite a bit of local talent and some national talent a chance in the Cave. Omrao has been a Godsend to the place and the city wouldn't be the same without him. It's been an honor to play in such a legendary haven for so long. Happy Anniversary Caverns!