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  • Nitya Nadesan wrote on December 29, 2011 report

    I am over 40 so I must be too old for these guys. They sound like Ministry's late period to me. I think I prefer the metal tinged jazz fusion you described at the beginning of the article although I have not heard anything from that period of Shining. The type of metal tinged jazz fusion that still knocks me out are the two Alex Gunia & Peace albums.

  • John Kelman wrote on December 29, 2011 report

    Having seen them live, it's a whole 'nuther thing, Nitya. They were an absolute hoot, with unrelenting energy (I'm sure these guys keep the extra poundage off just by gigging..if only! :))

    I dig 'em, 'cause they're so outrageous, and they bring a whole 'nuther level of detail to something that usually sounds like noise to these nearly 56 year-old ears :)