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  • Chris Rich wrote on December 13, 2011 report

    I've long had the sense that these imprints were a form of audio publishing for academic research. In addition to ethnography work, Folkways also has stuff like sets of frog sounds from various regions.

    Two other notable imprints would be Lyrichord which actually has lots of the African music from the same Pan African Festival attended by Don Cherry, Archie Shepp and others later released on BYG.

    Then there is the venerable Nonesuch Explorer series now neglected.

    A different but essential part of the milieu would be all the various projects released by Chris Strachwitz for his Arhoolie and Folklyric imprints.

    And finally there is the Unesco series.

    I've often wondered about the provenance of Yoruba land in its present configurations. Might these just be colonial hangovers owing mainly to the convenience of Brit Surveyors back when Europe was avidly slicing and dicing Africa every which way?

    Was there once some Yoruba unity now made two by fictive entities?