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  • zzajtuoballa wrote on December 03, 2011 report

    There are two more frustrating things to consider.

    First, the DVD, which was previously included in the 2009 Complete Columbia Album Collection, featured an extra song, Walkin', from the Karlsruhe concert which was edited out for this release.

    Second, at least one more concert from this fall 1967 tour is available in excellent sound quality. The Rotterdam concert was re-broadcast by VARA radio (Netherlands) in 2005.

  • C. Michael Bailey wrote on December 03, 2011 report

    Kevin: you hit the nail on the head by noting that this is the most glaring missing link in the Davis catalog. This is the exact set to have after the Plugged Nickel.

  • Richard Rogers wrote on December 05, 2011 report

    Kevin and C. Michael Bailey, nail hit on head. Although I think there is a sufficiently large opinion that the playing (at least from Miles) is much stronger on this set. Arguably Miles is not at his best in The Plugged Nickel.

    However yes, Plugged Nickel is a five star release, and this is right behind it by a hair.

  • David Perrine wrote on December 05, 2011 report

    Bob Dorough's nasal twang may be annoying to some, but he's a swinging performer and a solid songwriter with a sense of humor. Dopey or not, "Nothing Like You" isn't a scat number.