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  • Matthew King wrote on November 29, 2011 report

    Excellent article Mr. Kelman!! Your look at Mehldau and how he found a unique perspective - or voice, if you will - after studying the legendary jazz artists who came before him, was well put. It's still amazing to me how experienced he comes off on these recordings at a relatively young age.

    I also appreciate and applaud your take on the Rossy-Ballard situation. You explained your stance nicely and are dead on when you write "sometimes it can just mean different."

    You mention Rossy returned to Spain to study and refocus - do you know if we will be hearing more from him in the future?? Thanks again for a well written, thoughtful piece!!


  • John Kelman wrote on December 02, 2011 report

    Hi Matthew,
    Thanks for taking the time to write, and with such kind words. Writing pieces like this is a joy start to finish, and I figured it was important to talk about why, while we need to be able to use comparisons to help set context, that's as far as it should go with artists who clearly speak with their own. Comparisons that are drawn too tightly to others often deflect from that, and that's not a goods thing...

    Afraid I cannot tell you anything more about Jorge, but if I hear anything, I'll be sure to post it here.

    Thanks again,

  • Jeff Kent wrote on December 02, 2011 report

    I was at the Vanguard for the first recordings. After the trio finished playing 'Moon River' there was a long pause and Brad said, 'I think we got it. The pedals have been squeaking every night, but tonight I think we finally got this tune on tape without them.'

    I got to see Brad a bunch of times early in his career. Once was at a 'private' show at the Kaplan Penthouse above Lincoln Center. The trio played two sets and after intermission Brad seemed upset. He started apologizing and said the first set was not up to his standards. 'For the second set we'll try not to suck as much.'

  • John Kelman wrote on December 03, 2011 report

    Hey Jeff, thanks for sharing! You lucky, lucky bastard! :)

  • Fredrick Arnøy wrote on January 06, 2012 report

    Good article, Mr. Kelman. Just ordered the box for myself. My interest in jazz started with this trio, after all.

    As for Rossy, I was able to catch him live by pure coincidence in the basement of a tiny jazzbar in San Sebastian the summer of 2008, where he was playing with a brand-new (all Spanish?) trio - only this time he was the pianist.

    It was quite fun.

  • John Kelman wrote on January 06, 2012 report

    Thanks Frederick, for the kind words. I knew that one of the things Jorgy wanted to focus on, when returning to Spain, was piano, so great to hear he's gigging.