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  • Navdeep Jhaj wrote on October 31, 2011 report

    While I too, on occasion, joke about the so-called "ECM Sound" (notes gently swaying, falling and drifting away into the ether, yada-yada-yada), you are right, of course: the diversity of stuff coming from them is incredible. I just think of all the Art Ensemble/Roscoe Mitchell stuff he has released, from time-to-time. At the same the, I belief that the "Standards" trio is the best straight-ahead group working today.

    The "handshake" deal paradigm seems to imply that if there's a project that's worthwhile to explore, it will get heard. But first, more importantly, there must be a reason for the music to exist...other than contractual obligations.

    I've wondered if anyone out there actually has the ENTIRE catalogue, if everything's still in-print.

  • Robert Bush wrote on October 31, 2011 report

    When I was young and first getting into jazz, finding an album at Tower Records that was on ECM was usually enough to make me buy it. I used to buy the Standards Trio records on the day they came out!

  • John Kelman wrote on October 31, 2011 report

    Hi Navdeep and Robert. Thanks for taking the time to write. I don't have all the New Series (though I have a lot!), but do have all regular series issues, including vinyl>CDR transfers of titles not yet on CD. So I am, as you might have gathered, a little pathological about this label's output. Not all of them are great; but all of them are worth, at the very least, investigating and hearing.

  • Nenad Georgievski wrote on November 04, 2011 report


  • John Kelman wrote on November 04, 2011 report

    Thanks, Nenad, that's very nice of you to say :)

  • Lloyd N. Peterson Jr. wrote on November 04, 2011 report

    No one knows more about ECM than John Kelman. It has his stamp. His love and passion for Manfred's brilliant artistic work comes through in this beautifully done! In fact, John is so thorough in rflecting his knowledge of ECM, I highly doubt that any other writer will want to touch what he has so thoroughly captured and will continue to capture going into the future. We can only hope that John will consider publishing everything he knows and has on this topic.

  • John Kelman wrote on November 04, 2011 report

    Yoikes! Thanks for the overly kind words, Lloyd...
    <red-faced in Ottawa>