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  • William Donoghue wrote on November 08, 2011 report

    In 2000, I interviewed Rosie Eskridge on video, whose husband actually dug Robert Johnson's grave. She is the source of the information that Robert Johnson was buried in a church graveyard, Little Zion church on the Money Road outside of Greenwood.
    The question it raises is, considering Honeyboy Edwards left the day before he died, who was Robert's sponsor after his death to get a bluesman buried in a church graveyard? Honeyboy told me that Sonny Boy Williamson ("Rice" Miller at the time) who played with them at Three Forks the night that Johnson was poisoned and when he arrived in England he told a reporter than Robert Johnson died in his arm and then after the interview was transcribed told the reporter (Simon Napier) that he had it right word-for-word. Napier never mentioned it again.
    For what it is worth, Rice Miller was a preacher probably in Tutwiler or Money, about that time and is most likely the sponsor. The trail is not cold; it is only untravelled.
    Bill Donoghue host

  • C. Michael Bailey wrote on November 15, 2011 report

    Mr. Donoghue: This is an encouraging post. The anthropology surrounding Johnson has captivated me for the better part of 30 years. I had heard the Rice Miller "legend" and what you say makes this even more compelling. This story still is yet to be fully told.