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  • Jasper Dockment wrote on July 28, 2012 report

    Reading this review, I was managing to not comment on the musical "abilities" of Mr. Lavelle. To be blunt, he is dreadful, and I seriously believe that he is incapable of playing a straight version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" straight through. But, let that go - he wouldn't be the first musician to hide behind a Emperors New Clothes boondoggle.

    But when you gloss over his borderline illiteracy as 'idiosyncratic use of English, what he calls "Grammar Madness.", you do everyone a disservice. There's no shame in being deficient in written skills, but when you say things like "his own break-the-rules rulebook", you expose him most damningly. He never knew the rules in the first place, and his compensatory swagger to cover this fact by calling it "grammer madness" insults everybody. And it points to the larger truth that his playing is probably just a cover-up for his never-knew-how to play even the most basic jazz progression.

    Is there any honesty in jazz journalism any more?

  • Matt Lavelle wrote on September 05, 2012 report

    I'm in awe at the superior craftsmanship presented here.Jasper is so on point as always.This rebuke of a review is done with such precision that I'm left with no other choice then to accept the words as fact.This writer is so humble and ego-free that he always uses a fake name as the chance for us to bask in the source of his actual prowess might cripple our self-esteem.

    I must say sir that at last your mission is complete.For you to take what I do so personal as to have a long term crusade against me has shown me that your simple desire is to save me from myself and protect the world at large from my evil.

    At first I tried to create music of simple chord progressions to please you but at this I failed.When I then couldn't even play the first note of twinkle I decided the only honorable and natural course of action was to quit music,quit writing,and maybe even quit life itself.

    My new life goal is to aspire to your greatness.If I can somehow take someones music or writing as a personal attack and walk around angry then someday I can police the Internet and even the world from my computer in New Jersey.My legacy will be complete.

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Thank you so much sir for being an official HATER.

    For you to waste so much energy trying to unseat my confidence and get me to kneel before you weeping at the truth in your words makes you an official detractor.

    Every artist needs someone to trash their work as a personal offense..thanks to you I now know I'm actually on to something.

    Before you go,please enjoy what I know you hate so much....commas and periods used in an offensive manner..

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