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  • Tori Gee wrote on August 30, 2011 report

    This is a great interview! Jimmy's responses and advice were enlightening. I want to ask him did he meet Ella Fitzgerald? Pesce and Bridgewater have performed with Jimmy before and I look forward to hearing them on the new CD. I am among the jazz singers who have been influenced by the phenomenal voice of Jimmy Scott.

  • Chris M. Slawecki wrote on August 31, 2011 report

    Thank you very very much for your kind words, Tori. I must say that learning about Jimmy in preparation for this interview proved most enlightening, and it was an honor to be able to speak with him personally. Thank you for reading AAJ, Tori, and best wishes.

  • James Caroleo wrote on September 06, 2011 report

    The Legendary Jimmy Scott, The Greatest Interpreter of Lyrics and Melody The World Has Ever Known...... Without a doubt. To Me Jimmy is A Special Gift From God. God Bless You Jimmy and Jeanie Scott. I Love You Both.

  • Chris M. Slawecki wrote on September 06, 2011 report

    James, thanks so much for your comment on this interview. I've never heard a more heart-rending, time-stopping version of "You Don't Know What Love Is." Ever. Jimmy's version transcends the time and space of the listener, and is truly, profoundly, eternal. Thanks, James.