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  • Robert Bush wrote on July 26, 2011 report

    Hey Chris, that was a great review. It made me interested in hearing music from people I've never heard of with the descriptive comparisons.

  • Dave Sumner wrote on August 01, 2011 report

    Just an fyi, AAJ will be featuring a track from an earlier Kopinski album (Earth) on August 10th. I owe Jan an email about Mirrors.

    Kopinski is a new one to me, too. I'm always amazed that musicians with these amazing catalogs stay off my radar for as long as they do. It's not like I'm a casual jazz listener or anything, lol, but damn am I grateful to find them.

  • JAN KOPINSKI wrote on August 30, 2011 report

    Thanks for the kind words, chaps. It's a real encouragement to hear this, I'm looking to do some new recording of silent film music soon, and I hope to keep myself more tuned with AAJ.