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  • Dave Sumner wrote on July 05, 2011 report

    Beguiling is right. Arguably, album of the year.

    Schlarb is in danger of reaching a savant-like reputation in line with, say, Brian Wilson, Tom Waits, or Mark Linkous. Amazing, to me, just how evocative his sound considering his music's minimalism.

    Kris Tiner is pretty much turning into a trumpet badass these days. It seems like I keep seeing his name attached to intriguing projects. His duet album with Mike Baggetta was a recent AAJ free mp3 of the day. Dave Easley (from Brian Blade's Fellowship) lends a nice touch with pedal steel. I'm astounded to see how large an ensemble Chris employs for this album and yet the album doesn't end up overdone or showy. Delicate layering of music, magnificently understated.

    If my rec and Ian's solid review have sold you yet, Chris graciously allows listeners to stream his album in its entirety on his own artist site and also his bandcamp page (where you can purchase it in any file format, including lossless).