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  • RustyGriswald wrote on June 12, 2011 report

    I agree with the reviewers comments, but feel like I read absolutely nothing in regards to a review. I haven't heard this album yet (this video is about 6 years old as well) but look forward to it. For those of you not familiar, Dufour is very reminiscent of where Michael Hedges was headed both melodically and technically.

    In no way posting an add for them, but conversely offering a treasure trove for acoustic guitar players/fans I think that it is worth noting that Dufour's label Candyrat Records represents the best of the new acoustic guitar talent in the world today.

    It's cool to see AAJ feature a review of one of their artists. In my opinion the most wonderful aspect of great guitar music is also it's downfall when it comes to trying to make it marketable. It's very hard to classify.

    If you've clicked the link to this lack of a review do yourself a favor and follow rpoland (candyrat) on youtube. There is an unbelievable amount of talent in their pool. My favorite is Ewan Dobson, as a long time fingerstyle player/fan he is the first guitar player to truly inspire me as a musician since I first discovered the genre 15 years ago.

    Also reviewer, please clean this review up a bit. The guitarist is in a studio (no audience), the song is 5 years older than the album you are claiming to review and there is no review. You seem to be a talented wordsmith, but I feel that it does the artist a disservice if you make exactly zero relevant comments in regards to the album you are supposed to be reviewing.