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  • Robert Bush wrote on April 18, 2011 report

    Fantastic, Ian ! What a great interview with an important player who's played with just about everyone. I learned a lot from this, thanks.

  • Ian Patterson wrote on April 20, 2011 report

    Thanks Robert, I'm pleased you enjoyed the interview. As you can imagine, it was fascinating listening to Jay talking about his experiences past and present. Jay's a wonderful musician who has made a ton of absorbing music over the years. I don't exagerate when I place him in the company of great bassists like Charlie Haden, Dave Holland and NHOP. If you haven't heard BAAN's "As You Like" I can't recommend it highly enough - it's a wonderful recording. It's a bit early to be selecting my Top 10 of the year but I'm pretty sure "As You Like" will be in it.

  • Joe Giardullo wrote on April 24, 2011 report

    +1 for Jay, his positive and impeccable music and this wonderful interview.
    And Jay's a great guy to be around.

  • Franck Amsallem wrote on May 01, 2011 report

    Yes Jay.