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  • Keith Newman wrote on March 17, 2011 report

    Mr. P.C.: I'm not sure if you've answered Patrick's question (actually, I'm sure you haven't, but who cares beyond Patrick?) or improved Franco-American relations, but I did laugh many times. Mission accomplished!

  • Phil Kelly wrote on March 17, 2011 report

    ( Re Gregs "Bad Plus" question )

    Actually, after accidentally hearing a Bad Plus cut on Seattles quasi -jazz station. and considering that what I'd heard was a clunky non swinging one note ostinato on the piano ( abetted by a few atonal swipes and clusters , a lot of ill recorded clumsy drumming ,and a totally abiguous bass line ), I came to the conclusion that the trio was quite properly named:

    The Bad

    BTW: for the record, my hair is basically gray, not blue!

  • John Kozinski wrote on March 17, 2011 report

    I can't tell if the last comment about the Bad Plus is trying for comedy.
    The Bad Plus is a great band.....but gray hairs might not like it. It is not your father's bebop....and I like your fathers bebop too.