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  • Maxim Micheliov wrote on February 18, 2011 report

    Chris, thank you for bringing this to a public attention. Digital age imposes new requirements and expectations on all of us - developers and clients. The quality of the end product (whatever it is) often depends on both. Well, this is definitely true about my trade, which is website making.

  • Chris Rich wrote on February 23, 2011 report

    You did all the heavy lifting on that one. I'm finding more and more of these flash sites as I make profiles. I'm realizing two things.

    1. The musician profile is like the key function for all the useful features at AAJ.

    2. Even if the artist site is a flash mess, the Profile becomes like a handy portal point for all the things an artist has on line and if I can transfer a thing like a bio into search readable text there the engine indexes it with sweet page rank.

    Another thing I realized is that jazz, as a cooperative idiom, works best in this system when all the people in an ensemble have robust profiles because it increases the number of useful pages in the engine system.