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  • Unknown Member wrote on February 10, 2011 report

    This is pretty brilliant. I've enjoyed the way that you've presented these pieces. Rather than just beating people over the head with the way you believe things should be, you've found a creative way of clearly explaining yourself. Very enjoyable.

    I wonder how you would answer some more difficult questions...

  • Greg Simmons wrote on February 11, 2011 report

    Dear Mr. PC: What is the appropriate punishment for blue-hairs caught streaming out of the venue before the Bad Plus have actually finished their set? It's so inconsiderate and should be punished severely.

  • Mr. P.C. wrote on February 11, 2011 report

    Alex: I would welcome your more difficult questions. Although I may not understand them, I'll give them a thoughtful reply.

    Greg: Your question's officially on the queue, though I find the word "punishment" to be less than sensitive. But I don't stand in judgmen; your alpha is the yin to my beta's yang, and I think we all know life is nothing if not a circle.

    There's a bit of a backlog, so please be patient -- it may be a few months.