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  • Robert Bush wrote on February 16, 2011 report

    Nice one, John. You make this disc sound fascinating.After setting up the description of this very unique ensemble--linking one of their compositions to Charlie Hadens, "Silence", and the Garbarek/Hilliard Ensemble comparison makes me almost hear the reverb!

  • John Kelman wrote on February 16, 2011 report

    Thanks, Robert. It's a beautiful recording, you've gotta check it out!

  • Robert Meyers wrote on March 16, 2011 report

    I'm listening to this album now. It's excellent. Paolo Fresu is one of my favorite trumpet players and I am never disappointed.

  • John Kelman wrote on March 17, 2011 report

    Thanks for taking the time to write, Meyers; I'm with you about Paolo.