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  • Robert Bush wrote on January 27, 2011 report

    Terrific piece, Warren! I saw the European quintet in San Diego last April, and they were great, but subdued, much like the "Dark Eyes" CD itself. This concert sounds like it was awesome! I envy you being where the music is so...alive. Everything I read from you is excellent.

  • Warren Allen wrote on January 27, 2011 report

    Thanks so much Rob, it's a privilege to hear good music like this, and an even greater privilege to hear that people enjoy reading what I write about it.

    I definitely love Stanko's laid-back, brooding Euro bands. I also heard the quintet when they were touring for Dark Eyes, and it was lovely, but very sedate as you say. There was something powerful and refreshing about this recent concert, with five completely distinct personalities coming together like that. Let's hope an album (or a tour?) is in the works.